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System Manager

System Manager Controls access to all WIsAcc™ modules. It is the hub from which all other modules operate. System Manager allows you to choose the setting for individual users.You can save time by choosing default setting for how many copies and which style of form to print,calculate investments and loans and show reminders of incomplete tasks. It will be easily to sell to foreign clients with the simple yet powerful currency conversion function that allows you to create and update foreign exchange rates for multiple currencies.

Main Features

Enter and Maintain Company information and attached unlimited notes with company.
Setup checklist that gives access to various features necessary to setup new company data file
Set up Company Preferences :
Starting Transaction Numbers for all transactions in different modules of WisAcc
Create Unlimited Payment Terms that are used in Sales and Purchase Transactions.
Setup default options like Currency, Decimal places and Payment Terms.
Create Date and Phone Field Masks.
Enable and View Audit Trail.
Setup many other options for various modules of WisAcc that helps in quick data entry.
Attach Various Addons available
Setup User Preferences to customize WisAcc as per each user’s requirements.
Enter Opening Balance for Accounts, Inventory, Vendors and customers
Powerful Security Management System allows:
Define/Edit unlimited number of Users.
Allow / Disallow access to all or selected functions of each module.
Allow /Disallow access to all or selected reports.
Special enhanced security for sensitive functionalities throughout all modules, i.e., Password Protection on :
Security Form
Protect all Delete Buttons
Protect all Post Buttons
Protect all Unpost Buttons
Protect the Option Forms
Protect Customer Credit Holds
Protect Customer Sale Price
Protect Credit Card Processing
Protect Load or Exit of WisAcc Professional
Audit Trail keeps track of every user’s actions
Simplified Multi Currency System:
Define Unlimited World Currencies and their Default Rates with the Functional Currency.
Enter unlimited New Currency Rates
Enter Purchases and Sales in any currency ad WisAcc Multi Currency automatically converts transaction to Functional currency before posting to General Ledger on Latest Entered Currency Rates.
View/Print Various Multi Currency Reports.
Create Zip Code Database, that is used throughout WisAcc and helps quick and correct Data Entry.
Create a Database for Freight Rates of Various Companies for Various Weight for Locations that can be used in Sales to exactly estimate the customer quotations.
Many Useful Calculators like Loan Amortizer, Investment Calculator and Withholding Tax Calculator.
Useful Database Utilities like Creation of New Company Database, Loading Company Data in WisAcc, Backups and updating utilities.
Recurring Transaction Detail
(Recurring Transaction Detail displays all the listed recurring transactions entered.)
Zip Code List
(Displays a list of all the stored zip codes including the city, state, county and zip codes.)
Recurring Transaction History
(Recurring Transaction History displays a history of all the transactions processed from the recurring transaction form.)
Reminder List
(A list of Reminders.)
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