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Sales are the engine that drives every business. WisAcc™ will boost your sales results by putting customer, inventory and pricing information at your fingertips.  You’ll be able to react quickly to any emerging trends in the marketplace and adjust your sales efforts accordingly with easy pricing forms and built-in reporting capabilities.will make it easy to work with both inside and outside sales reps and split commissions.Promotions, sales incentives and other tools to drive sales are effortlessly incorporated into your day-to-day operations. Your business will efficiently handle today’s sales while being prepared to tomorrow’s growth.

Main Features

Sophisticated & Powerful sale system having features:
Fully integrated with General Ledger, Inventory and Banking Modules.
Sophisticated Work Flow menu provides quick access to all the functions of Sales.
User defined or auto generated numbering (customer #, order #, invoice #, etc.)
Separately track Customers, Prospects and Sale Persons and crate quotations for them.
Track Sales Tax or any other Taxes on sales.
Powerful Customer Master allows:
Create Credit limits for customers and track customer details, activities, data, contacts and history all from one place.
Flexible Pricing Options, Negotiated prices with individual customers for particular items - for a period of time and up to 20 user-defined pricing levels. Sale Prices - with beginning and expire dates.
Flexible Commission Options including Default Sales Person Commission, Special Customer Commission, Special Commissions by Item / Quantity Ordered or Selling Price.
Extensive drill-down capabilities allow you to make informed decisions at every point in your sales cycle, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.
Impress customers with your ability to see their transaction history at a glance and your ability to remember the items they’ve ordered before.
Track sales promotions and their results to ensure that every sales effort is achieving the highest possible return.
Prospects can be tracked, then converted to a Customer contact with a mouse click
Flexible Sale Order allows you to
To enter Sale Order in multiple Currencies
Book Orders form Your Customers either through normal Desktop Entry or through online Order Entry System (Add-On) or convert from Quotation
Create Purchase Orders from Sale Order automatically
Create Duplicate sale Order for same orders from customers – Save Time & chances of errors
Multiple Bill to and Ship to Locations for each Customer.
Internal & External Note function allows recording and managing orders in a more efficient way especially where more than one personal are handling Order Entry
Track commission on sale Orders.
View Customer Order History and Invoicing History on Order entry screen allow aware decision support.
Record shipping goods through a click and make invoices automatically.
Track Shipment Weight and Volume
Print Sale Order, Performa Invoice or Packing lists
Powerful Invoicing Solution having features:
Automatically create invoices from Sale Orders or enter new invoices manually.
Automatically create back order
RMA Management and Credit Memos
Automatically calculate and create finance charge invoices
Multiple orders can be combines into a single invoice.
Assign Inventory Serial Numbers in invoicing
Assign "source" codes to customers / orders / invoices to track advertising / promotions / trade show performance.
Print custom messages on picking ticket / packing list / sales order / quotation / invoice
Accounts Receivable having features:
Record and apply customer payments to an unlimited number of open invoices at one time.
Apply a payment from a single customer to an unlimited number of accounts at one time. (Great for chain stores!)
Customer payments can be applied manually to a specific invoice or automatically to the oldest invoice.
Put customers on Credit Hold.
Give discounts at the time of Invoice as well receiving payments.
Support for customer overpayments.
Ability to "write-off" small amounts when entering payments.
Ability to preview General Ledger entries before posting
Flexible customer statements.
Customer Statement
Receivables Aging (Summary, Detail and Totals)
Receivables aging Detail by Terms
Receivables aging Trial Balance
Receivables Open By Date
Receivables History By Date
Receivables Over Payments
Customer Ledger
Customer Ledger by Invoice
Items sold by Category
Invoice Totals Invoice Detail Totals
Sales Total By Line Item
Credit Memos
Monthly Invoice Register
Invoice Register by Sales Persons
Paid Invoices
  Invoice cost by sales Person
Sales Person Commission on Sales, Gross Profit, Profit (Detail and summary)
Sales Tax (Summary and detail)
Sales Analysis by customer by month
Credit Terms
Customer Ledger
Customer Pricing Reports
Invoices, Receipt
Vouchers, Credit
Memos, RMA Form
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