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Minimize the time spent on purchasing and receiving with WisAcc™’s comprehensive automation and    information tools. Combined with Order Entry, Inventory Control and Banking, WisAcc™ Purchase module provides a comprehensive, fully integrated purchasing system.From the moment you begin creating a Purchase Order,you’ll be able to drill down into all of your past Purchase Orders and bills with the selected vendor.  You can receive partial shipments from a single Purchase Order, create a Purchase Order to fulfill a specific Sales Order and duplicate Purchase Orders if you place the same or similar orders repeatedly .

Main Features

Initiative Work Flow Menu gives a quick and easy access to all purchase functions in one-view.
Fully Integrated with General Ledger, Banking, Sales, and Inventory Modules and Job Tracking modules.
Track Vendors, their contacts lists, activities, notes and history all at one place. Also Vendor Master form allows to print most required vendors reports as well initiate transactions.
Print Transactions including Purchase Orders, Purchase Receipts, Bills, Prepayments and Payments.
Advance Purchase Order Management Functionalities includes:
Automatically create Purchase orders from Sale order automatically.
Track open, completed, partially completed and cancelled purchase orders
Track Sales Tax, Discounts, Freight and other expenses related to purchases at one place.
Order Inventory Items as Well Non-Inventory Items.
Receive Items against multiple Purchase Orders or against one Purchase Order receive Items partially.
Creation unlimited external or internal notes function allows properly manages Vendors and Purchase Functions where more than one personnel is handling Purchasing Function.
Fully Integrated with Accounts Payable and creates Bills automatically from Purchase Receipts
Sophisticated Accounts Payable functionalities includes:
Track Discounts at the time of Purchase as well on the time of Bill Payments
Track Prepayments to Vendors
More than 25 well designed reports allow proper management of your purchases. Reports includes:
Purchase Totals By Item No (Displays cumulative cost for each product in a selected period.)
Purchase Orders Open (Displays Open Purchase Orders by Order Number, including the quantity ordered and received.)
Purchase Order Totals (Displays Purchase Orders by vendor.  You can also select a specific vendor and review only those orders.)
Purchase Orders Received (Displays all Purchase Orders and the items that you have received for each one.)
Payable Aging in summary and Total form
Payable History
Vendor Purchase Item History
Various Sales Tax Reports and many more
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