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Inventory Software

Inventory Control reduces costly inventory errors, improve customer service, and will increase the value of your business. WisAcc Inventory Software provide full inventory control.

Less invest in inventory without disappointing your customers with tools that help you plan your purchases with WisAcc Inventory software. See at a glance what is in stock, allocated and on order at each warehouse or in total. Transfer inventory between warehouses if an item is selling better at one location than another. Inventory can be purchased to fulfill a customer sales order with a one-click Purchase Order/Back Order generation button. Build Assembly Items, assign special pricing for items or categories of item and find the value of your current inventory in a few simple steps.

Main Features

Feature Rich Inventory Master provides easy access to all information related to inventory:
Unlimited Flexible User definable Item Classes allows easy configuration of Inventory item. Set attributes of Item as Inventory or Non Stock, Serialized and assembled items.
Define multiple unit of measure allows Sale Purchase and Manufacture in different units of measurements.
Categorize Inventory items upto two levels.
Track Manufacturers, UP Codes and Manufacturer Item Code.
Create Group Items.
Define & track commission on Inventory Sales.
Define unlimited Accessories and Substitute products.
Attach Inventory Pictures.
The ability to track Royalties for each item in your inventory.
Create Unlimited Levels of Assembly.
Define & Track Re-Order Point and Lead Time.
Define alternate vendors.
Supports LIFO, FIFO and standard cost inventory valuation methods
Inventory Build Assembly allows changing Bill of Items on real time for specific transaction.
Inventory Build Assembly Form gives a quick view of in-Stock Assembly and component Items as well current cost of newly build Assembly Item.
Inventory Adjustment Feature allows adjusting both inventory Quantity and cot at the same time to eliminate obsolete items or to record differences arises in Stock Taking. Quickly update quantities in stock using the Inventory Adjustment form
True multi-warehouse support
The ability to create an unlimited number of Warehouse locations where inventory items are bought, sold, and stored gives added control and flexibility over these products
The ability to easily the transfer inventory from one Warehouse location to another
Strong Inventory Pricing Options
Define Twenty Level of Pricin
Multiple Pricing Methods include
Fixed Amount
Markup Standard Cost
Percent of Margin
Discounted Sale Price
Create Time Bound Special Pricings for Items to track promotions
Print Material Requirement Report from Customer Orders.
Advanced re-order reports gives you sales order history as well as stock information, allowing you to make informed buying decisions
Assembly function allows an inventory item to be created by assembling other inventory items
Inventory Transaction History
(Transaction History including quantity, price and date of any Product bought or sold.)
Inventory Assembly Build History
(Displays all Inventory Assembly Items every Built using the Build Inventory form.)
Physical Inventory
(Displays number of items in stock and the items cost.)
Inventory List By Item No
(List of Inventory Items by Item No.)
Inventory Transfer
(Displays the history of all Inventory that was transferred from one warehouse to another.)
Inventory Usage
(Categorizes your inventory items by the total quantity ordered. This report is great for seeing what inventory items are the most popular and what items are not.)
Inventory Special Pricing Expired
(Displays a detailed report of an inventory special pricing level where the ending date has passed.)
Sales Total By Item No
(Displays cumulative sales price for each item in a selected period.)
Manufacturer List
(A list of Manufacturer information.)
Inventory List By Sales Price
(A list of Inventory by Sales Price.)
Expense Material Requisition
(Expense Material Requisition report.)
Category Lists
(A list of Category information.)
Inventory Assembly Items
(A list of Inventory Assembly Items.)
Inventory Assembly Item Detail
(A list of Inventory Assembly Item Detail information.)
Inventory Pricing Level
(A list of Inventory with Pricing Level information.)
Inventory Reorder Point
(Displays any inventory items where the stock has dropped below the reorder point.)
Inventory Assembly Detail
(A list of Inventory Assembly Detail.)
Inventory Valuation
(A list of Inventory and its Valuation.)
Inventory Stock by Warehouse
(Inventory Stock Quantity by Warehouse Location.)
Inventory Special Pricing
(Displays a detailed report of the inventory special pricing level with beginning and ending dates of each assigned special price.)

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