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HRM Software

WisHRM is the key to proficient and successful time tracking and management in your workplace. It's a Three in one System comprising the capabilities of High-End Time and Attendance, HRM and Payroll Software. Time and attendance module allows you to collect and organize your employee time data simply and accurately. Payroll module prepare Payslips quickly without any manual interference and mistakes. One Central HRM module handles all daily HRM chores like managing employee files etc a snap.

Main Features

HRM Software: Manage your Work Force with HRM Module. Employees’ general, personal and company related information. Maintain all the information which can help you to get the most out of your Human resource. Features Like employment history, salary history and benefits, Taxes, Dependents, Expireable Documents (like Visa, Driving License, Etc) and many other features. You can define the complete management hierarchy. System wide Notes and Event Management Helps the Managers to Memorize and Schedule the HRM related activities.
Time and Attendance WisHRM is effective for both hourly and salaried personnel. It replaces manual punch clocks and time sheets with a simple but powerful software system automating the Time Consuming Attendance and time tracking processes. Choose the time collection methods that are right for you. Simplify scheduling and payroll processing. Track overtime, accruals, holiday pay, leave requests, and more…
Leaves Approval Leave Approval and Management Module helps you to simplify the Leave Management Processes thus saving your time. Customizable settings help you to define the policies for Short and full day leaves
Loans & Advances Manage Advance Salary, Short Term and Long Term Loans of Employees. Loan Approval Systems provides the Complete Information and history about the Selected Employee which makes a manager to decide about the approval. Multiple loan Management and rescheduling of Payments provide the flexibility to handle all the scenarios.
Payroll Software No more wastage of time in payroll calculations. Computer the Employee earnings and deduction based on the data Collected from Time Attendance Module applying the defined policies in a matter of seconds. Generate Salary Sheet,  Salary Slips, Social Security Report, EOBI Report and many others…

Salient Features



> Time Based Attendance   > Employees List
> Supports Manual and Automated Attendance (Barcode, Biometric, Magnetic Card etc.)  

> Department List

> Departmental Management   > New Hired Employees
> Multiple Shifts   > Employee Salary History
> Handling of Multiple In-Outs   > Daily Attendance
> Tools for Customized Calculation   > Late Attendance
> Company Level Policies   > Employee Overtime
> Department Level Policies   > Monthly Working Time
> Customizable Deduction Policies   > Absent Employees
> Advance and Long Term Loan   > Leaves & Short Leaves
> Approval and Management   > Employee Loans History
> Holiday Management   > Rejected Loans
> Leave Approval System   > Employee Advances
> Time Off Management   > Employees Monthly Salary
> Handling of Multiple Punches   > And many more…
> Complete Over time Management with Overtime Approval System    
> many more …    

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