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Freedom Of Choice

WisAcc ™ comes in three editions, hence  provide you the freedom to choose what you actually need.

WisAcc Basic :

A bunch of Financial and Operation modules including payroll. Back end utilizes MS Access Database, hence provide Multi-user capabilities upto five concurrent users.

Best for small to mid sized companies who are just converting from manual system or entry level accounting softwares like Peach Tree and Quick Books.

WisAcc Professional:

Having all the capabilities of WisAcc™ Basic, WisAcc™ Professional provides you additional power by using MS SQL Server as Database.

Best for mid-sized companies who want to leverage the power of SQL Server. WisAcc Professional allows upto 20 Concurrent users.

WisAcc.Net :

An N-tier solution developed using the power of Visual Studio.NET, offers ultimate Solution. WisAcc™.NET is Database Independent  and   can  be  deployed on Web. It offers special features like Internal Control and work flow system, internal messaging, etc

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