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Banking Software

Growing your business requires planning and managing liquidity and control cash flows. WisAcc™ Banking module provide tools to quickly analyze cash requirements, and to ensure both liquidity and optimal use of cash resources. Manage the enterprise-wide cash cycles using the functions of Bank Reconciliation, Credit Cards, Postdated and deposited checks and tight integration with other modules of  WisAcc. Forget different software for Check Writting, Bank Reconcilations and Handling Post Dated Checks. With WisAcc Banking Module, you get all these facilities fully integrated with your ERP.

Main Features

Define Bank/Cash Accounts in General ledger and enter more details regarding Bank Account in Banking Module.
Print Checks from within software. avoid Frauds.
Handle Post Dated Checks.
Payment Voucher / Write Check
Designed in creative way and give exact look as a check.
Choose from Drop down List a Bank/Cash Account and see available Balance.
Ability to Debit more than one Expense Account.
Track Payments by Job.
View/Print Payment Vouchers.
Ability to Void the Check.
Ability to enter Post Dated Checks.
Deposit / Bank Transfer
Used to transfer Funds from One Bank Account to one or more Accounts.
Deposit amounts received from Customers to Bank, that has been un-deposited.
Multi-Currency Support.
GL Recap before posting.
Recurring Transaction Support.
Prints Deposit Slip
Credit Card Transactions,
The Credit Card Charges option of the Banking module allows you to quickly enter your companies credit card expenses
    Unlimited number of credit card transactions
Multi-Currency Support
GL Recap before posting
Post charges individually or as a batch
Bank Reconciliation:
Simple Procedure to prepare and print Bank Reconciliation. Easily Find transaction differences between Bank Statement and company Ledger
View Bank Ledger in Register Form
Fully integrated with All other modules of WisAcc Professional

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